Here Are The Best Photos Stories From Across The Internet


This week, as Congress is consumed with Michael Cohen’s testimony and the president departs from his North Korea summit with no deal in hand, it seems fitting that we look at the various masks that people wear across the world and take a look back at one of the earliest war photographers in history. Down Under, photographer Adam Ferguson reveals the reality of Australia’s excessive droughts, while NASA’s Bill Ingalls offers stunning perspectives of the our journeys to the cosmos.

On the home front, BuzzFeed News interviewed two photographers on what black identity means in America today, while photographer Alec Soth offered new and intimate portraits of his subjects for the New York Times after taking time away from the camera to center himself. Piggybacking on this theme of self-improvement are some tips from Jacqui Palumbo for Artsy on how you too can improve your photography with a little help from the camera attached to your phone.

Here are some of the photo stories from across the internet that caught our eye and kept us thinking.


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