Chinese Unmanned Combat Fighter Jet “Dark Sword” AKA F-22 Killer Finally EXPOSED! [Picture]

According to a confirmed source from China, the Chinese has already developed its own version of Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) code name  ”Dark Sword” (暗箭) which will has the similar ability like the US version’s X-45 Warrior Eagle.

Currently, the U.S. unmanned combat aircraft X-45 still remain in the development phase. But with the latest advancement in China UAV technology it will start attracting foreign’s attention on the technology they posses including the United States. I guess lot of country would be interested to know the ins and outs of Chinese UAVs.

Unmanned combat aircraft (UAV) is the military technology that only appeared in the recent years. The U.S. military especially in Afghanistan start using the unmanned aerial vehicles to initiate the attack on the “Taliban terrorists” and gather some good result as several Taliban high rank officers were killed during the attack. The UAV unmanned combat aircraft will break the traditional combat support roles of aircraft and making it a lethal combat weapon.

Currently, there are 32 nation that have already developed 50 type of UAVs and there are 55 countries equipped UAV technology to their military.

Check out the images of the Chinese Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) ~ “Dark Sword” (暗箭) below:

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