Biggest Crab You Can Eat – The Coconut Crab

Imagine a crab that can climb trees and weights about 5kg! That is the coconut crab which is the largest terrestrial arthropod on earth. They can span over 50cm from claw to claw and can crack open a coconut with ease.

This coconut crab lives almost exclusively on small tropical islands. They are known as the thief crab because this crab is attracted to shiny objects and silverware. They will crab hold of the item and run away with your belongings. This coconut crab is the only crab that cannot swim and will drown because special organ called a branchiostegal lung to breathe.

They are hunted to near extinction for human consumption and currently are protected in some of British India Ocean Territories.  In Japan they are sold as pets and in Indonesia, they are a special delicacy that is highly prized.

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