4 Key Facts on Pearl Harbor Day December 7, 1941 that You Should Know!

On Dec. 7 each year (Pearl Harbor Day), Americans pay tribute to commemorate the thousands who were killed or injured when the Japanese attacked an American naval base in Hawaii that day in 1941.

“Pearl Harbor plunged America into the maelstrom of World War II, a struggle that involved the core security interests of the republic and symbolized rival visions for the future of the planet. Japan and its allies were making a bid for dominance in their respective regions and beyond. Had they succeeded, there would have been a major shift in the global balance of power–to the extreme detriment of the United States.”
Foreign policy expert Ted Galen Carpenter commented

As President Franklin Roosevelt’s said Dec. 7, 1941 is “a date which we will live in infamy”.

Here are the 5 highlighted facts to commemorate this historical day.
1. Why Japanese Empire Initiated the Attack?
It was mainly due to the fact that, the United States and other nations had placed trade embargoes on Japan to slow down its expansion especially to those key territories and oil resources in parts of Asia that Japanese had managed to capture. While on the other hand, General Tojo Hideki had secretly decided that if the United States not lifted the embargoes by Nov. 29, 1941 Japan would not accept any further settlement. When the date passed, Japan devised a plan to invade territories across Asia and the Pacific, but was afraid of interference from the U.S. Pacific Fleet based in Pearl Harbor. Thus, they commenced the attack.

2. American casualties the aftermath of the attack
America suffer a great casualties due to the attack, according to the National Park Service’s,

- 2,388 Americans died in the attack
- 1178 Americans were wounded
- 21 American ships were sunk or damaged
- 1,177 Americans involved in the attack were serving on the USS Arizona
- 333 servicemen serving on the USS Arizona survived the attack

3. Japanese casualties
Japanese take a minority losses for the attack

- 64 Japanese died during the attack; while the number of injuries injuries is unknown
- 5 Japanese ships were destroyed
- 103 Japanese aircraft were destroyed

4. Pearl Harbor Day
Pearl Harbor Day is not a federal holiday in United States, but the day is commemorated in all the schools in U.S. While flags across the country are lowered to half-staff.

Let us commemorate this meaningful day!

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