Top 9 Site to Download Free eBook for Nooks and Kindles Reader that You Couldn’t MISS!

I guess we all want something for free that doesn’t come with the price tag attached. Am I right? So today we are going to list the Top 9 Website to Download Free eBook for Your Nooks and Kindles . Below are sources for your free, good-quality ebooks for Nooks and Kindles.

Nook, Sony Reader and Kindle’s Formats:
Nooks: PDF, Epub and Nook’s own format
Sony Reader: BBeB Book (LRF), PDF, TXT, RTF, ePub
Kindles: PDF, Mobipocket and Kindle’s own format

Free eBook Site for Both Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle Reader
Munseys offers users with 20,000 titles in 12 formats compatible with Kindles, Nooks and Sony Readers. You could start searching for your favorite titles with the author name, title, tags and category. Munseys site offer as much as 39 categories for you to browse through.

Tip: When downloading a title, first click “Select One” to choose the desired format, then click “Download”.

Palimpsest Online
Most of the titles listed here are European and American novel. While the site does come with high-quality pdf titles by over 70 authors. Other type of eBook included in the website are the King James Bible, plays, poetry, fables, epic sagas, philosophy and histories.

Feedbooks provides high-quality titles in a variety of formats including ePub, PDF and MobiPocket/Kindle. Feedbooks provides public domain classic fiction and nonfiction titles with over 30 categories and 600 authors. All their high quality titles come with ePub, PDF, MobiPocket/Kindle format.

Provides thousands of Project Gutenberg ebooks in dozens of formats including PDF, ePub, Kindle, Sony Reader, etc. The site offers title with over 60 genres.

Offers classics and unpublished fiction and nonfiction in pdf format.

Provide extensive titles in variety format including pdf, ePub and Kindle.

Free eBook Site for Barnes & Noble Nook Reader
Online Books Page
One of the largest and most comprehensive source for free eBook for Nook.

Internet Archive
The second largest index of ebooks.

Project Gutenberg
An index and an archive actively collecting texts produced by volunteers.

Enjoy! Guys…

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3 Responses to “Top 9 Site to Download Free eBook for Nooks and Kindles Reader that You Couldn’t MISS!”

  1. Thanks for the list. There should be plenty of choice from that little lot!

    You could make it a top ten by including Amazon’s Kindle store itself. They have about 1.8 million out-of-copyright books available for free. Great if you like classics.

  2. morris says:

    4 to 8 according to Amazon.

  3. mike says:

    On a similar note to eBook Reader Discounter An online shop that will deliver eReaders to the whole world | eBookAnoid, You simply need to have a good idea and a will to write an ebook. No problem if you dont want to write one; you can also have it done for you from a professional writer.

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