22 Facts Between Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates

If you use Microsoft product you should be familiar with Bill Gates big name and if you have Facebook account then maybe you have heard of the founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The net world has constantly relate Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg  with Microsoft co-founder and claiming that Zuckerberg will be the next Bill Gates. While reading some articles about the history of Facebook, I have noticed the two characters shared many things in common. Here is a list of things which they share:

  1. Both are very proficient software programmer.
  2. Both are billionaires.
  3. Both founded the company at the very young age of 20+.
  4. Both build fortune through the computer world. Gates built a new platform (DOS and Windows) and Zuckerberg are creating one now.
  5. Both have stolen ideas for software applications or developments from others.
  6. Zuckerberg and Gates are left out from Harvard University.
  7. Zuckerberg and Gates are nerd.
  8. Both are not really handsome.
  9. Zuckerberg and Gates have been facing copyright issues and legal disputes.
  10. The applications or software they built changed the IT world.
  11. They are both identified as jerks in respect to their social life.
  12. Both paid large sums of money to end lawsuits.
  13. These individuals are of the type “love ‘em or hate ‘em”.
  14. The two of them are quite intelligent and finished school with honors.
  15. Both skipped classes at the university to work on their personal projects and later, to catch up with the rest of their classmates, had to do some ‘intensive burst study’ sessions.
  16. Zuckerberg and Gates are famous amongst public opinion for being egoists, ruthless, opportunists, thiefs and devious. Also are suspect of using shrewdly predatory and unethical tactics against their counterparts.
  17. Both get idea and drive by the opposite sex. Zuckerberg created the initial Facebook application to get laid with woman. Bill delivered himself a MAC application to hook up with a woman and at high school created a program to schedule students in classes, after that he modified the code so that he was placed in classes with mostly female students. Probably there is some true in “everything men do is to hook up woman”. Hahaha!
  18. Both were very lucky at their business. A certain number of circumstances played to their favor.
  19. Both come from upper-middle class families.
  20. Microsoft invested 240 million of dollars on Facebook, making Zuckerberg and Gates business partners.
  21. Both of them wrote their first computer programs while attending high school.
  22. The two of them scored an almost perfect score on the SAT.

While it’s still too soon to jump into conclusions that Zuckerberg will match Gates achievement over the next 10 or 20 years. What you think?

If you find more things in common between those two people, you can drop me a comment below.

Source Pelemos, CrunchBase

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12 Responses to “22 Facts Between Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates”

  1. [...] 24sevenposts.com compared Mark Zuckerberg to Bill Gates. Here are some similarities: 6. Zuckerberg and Gates are left out from Harvard University. 13. These individuals are of the type “love ‘em or hate ‘em”. 18. Both were very lucky at their business. A certain number of circumstances played to their favor. [...]

  2. dufus says:

    I have to admit, I am a Professor who teaches English classes at the University of Virginia, and you are the worst writer I have ever seen. This is why we should not allow anyone who owns a computer to write anything they want, where ever they want to write it. I can’t lie though, those 22 facts you used to draw comparison were amazing. Just based on your analytical skills alone, I would keep you on the staff. Points 7 and 8 really kept me coming, until I realized that there were 14 more points that were just as tantalizing. Do us all a favor and don’t do this again. Please.

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  4. Mr. Macolm says:

    Really? You have got to be kidding me. You state the obvious in most of these points? Both of them are also male, were born of a woman and had cereal for breakfast at some time in their life, big deal! Why not just say 2 computer nerds started companies and became billionaires….period. Of course they are similar. That like saying two Football players liked girls, pledged a frat house, worked out in a gym, grew up playing football and drank Gatorade, wow they are the same will this player be the next Brett Favre?

    Bottom line it is easy to find similarities between two people that are in the same profession or has similar interests. There are a 100,000 people just like them that didn’t succeed, get over it.

  5. Really fascinating articles. I enjoyed reading it. Are these real pictures or has the art work been touched up they’re truly. Thanks for sharing a pleasant info.

  6. TJC007 says:

    i believe mark will catch Gates achievement and more and more.
    o ya , are they both jew …cmiiaw

  7. abcdefg says:

    you said that they both had an almost perfect score on their sat’s, but what exactly were their scores?

  8. Oswald says:

    I always like to be inspired by the already be famous peoples.Mark Zuckeberg z among my role models.Wiyhout these peoples(Gates&Zuckeberg),the world of IT could be boring.

  9. Jia Jun says:

    Nice facts. No.17 really makes me laugh.
    Perhaps I need to work on same thing to reach out the huge succeed like them? Haha..
    No doubt lots of people make a huge fortune out of IT world, I want to make myself success in blogging too. Reaching 5 figures half passive income every month, my target.
    Jia Jun´s last [type] ..FOCUS – Get Rid of Distraction to Achieve More

  10. Tim says:

    They both had 1590 in their SAT.

    They both were the world’s youngest billionaires when they first became billionaires.

  11. Fire says:

    Thx Tim for the tips. We have updated it to the post.

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    [...]22 Facts Between Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates | 24SevenPost.com[...]…

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