Latest News on Missing IPhone 5 Prototype Police Investigation

It seems that every time Apple Inc. has a latest product, the early prototype always goes missing, this time it is the much hyped Iphone 5. The crime scene this time is at San Francisco, United State where the purposely missing Iphone 5 was reported.

The story goes like this, an employee of Apple apparently lost the Iphone 5 prototype again in a bar called Cava 22 in the San Francisco’s Mission District. Just to refresh your mind, over a year ago Iphone 4 prototype was also lost in the similar way, an employee lost it in the bar, someone found it and sold it on Craiglist for a mere USD200 dollar.

Apple is planning to release the Iphone 5 to public just 2 months from now, early October. Could this be another of Apple clever marketing strategy to stir a sense of interest before the launch? We don’t know but to wait and see.

The name of the Apple’s employee was Calderin, 22 claims that 6 police from SFPD came to his house to search for the missing phone. After the “officers” that claimed to be SFPD searched the house, he was threaten with his relatives about their immigration status. Then lastly, Calderon was offered USD300 for the phone with no questions asked if he can take the prototype out.

Lt. Troy Dangerfield from the San Francisco police department says they won’t be investigating until Calderon steps forward and tell them his side of the story.


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