Google Images ~The Best Image Recognition and Visual Search Engine in the World!

Previously we did post about the reverse image search engine from TinEye where you can use the image instead of keyword to look for the match. And today we going to bring you another great tool but this time it is from Google that will allow you to search using the same method like TinEye ~ “image” but with a much greater accuracy. Google’s gigantic database will ensure that almost all the images /  pictures exist in its storing server will be made available for its own image recognition search engine.

With Google Images you can explore the web in an entirely new way by using just an image to start your search. We have included a step by step guide from 10Division which will allow you to start using Google’s sophisticated images technology.

Four ways to Search by Image with Google Images

1. Drag and drop

You can simply drag and drop an image from the web or your computer into the search box on




2. Upload an image

You can also upload you image by click on the camera icon in, then select “Upload an image.” Simply choose the image you want to initialize your search.



3. Copy and paste the URL for an image

Just right-click on the image in the web that you’re interested about then click the camera icon and under“Paste image URL” paste your URL there.


4. Right-click an image on the web

You can search by image even faster by downloading the Chrome extension or the Firefox extension. After the extension is installed, you can simply initialize the search using Google Images by right-click an image on the web to search.



So When Will You be Using Google Images Search by Image?

I guess it is pretty much more towards an individual preferences but today I going to give you a real world scenario where you will so desperate to get the information about the precious photo in your possess. Ok here it go…

You happen to find your dream girl in a party but you do not know what her name or contact number. Anyway you do somehow have a photo of her. So with Google Images’s search by image function, it is going to help you to find the detail information about your dream girl.

Now you can simply go to then drag and drop your dream girl’s photo into the reverse image search engine and Alakazam all the information about your dream girl is displayed in the Google’s search result pages.

So how do you feel, did Google Images’s reverse engineering come in the right time and just save your day?

Google Images Search by Image

Step 1. Drag and drop your dream girl’s photo into the Google Images


Google Images Search by ImageStep 2. All the information about the image will be displayed in the Google’s search result pages.


Checkout the interesting video below on Google Images’s Search by Image:

So do you just have crush on Google? I not sure about you but I am definitely falling in love with them… The image reverse engineering work wonder.

via 10Division

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