11 Ugliest and Weirdest Sea Marine Fish

We at 24SevenPost loves to eat fishes and marine crustaceans. However, not all fishes looks presentable, here with sources from multiple sites, we have listed the 11 ugliest and weirdest fish in the world. Most of the fishes are deep sea dwellers that very likely not seen by human. But sometimes deep sea trawler and underwater probe will encounter or accidentally captures them. So these images are hard to come by, enjoy these images or puke to your pleasure.

No.11 – Oreo Dory

Found in sea in New Zealand and Australia, this big eye fish lives deep 1000 meters down. They have un-proportionals fins and a very large eyes but they can be eaten. I bet they don’t taste like Oreo the cookie.

No. 10 -  Stinging Cat Eye

Stinging Cat Eye is a freshwater catfish that has eyes like the cats. Very bright and yellowish, it can strike fear in anyone in the night time.

No. 09 -  Sea Lamprey

A very ugly looking jaw less fish that preys on other fish by sucking on their side of body. It will then rip the tissue and suck the juices of the poor fish till the host dies. It sure send shivers down my spine when I see it. Commonly found in the North America and European waters.

No. 08 -  Wolf Fish or Sea Wolf

Wolf lookalike fish that looks very fierce but will only defend when threaten. Currently rated as “Species of Concern” as over fishing is threatening it existence. So stop eating this wolf fish!

No. 07 -  Monk Fish

No it is not a monk, it doesn’t even look like one. However, they are known as the European Sea Monster. They are eaten as a replacement for lobster, as poor’s man lobster.

No. 06 – Stone Fish

They are highly poisonous and dangerous fish that looks like a stone but if you step on one then you will be as dead as a stone. They are ranked 6 ugliest on 24SevenPost.

No. 05 – Blob Fish

Yes, I know what you thinking, this fish looks dumb but if you looked further it is scary. It has the features of a fat man and drooling saliva. Blog fish lives in Australia and Tasmania in very deep water. Rarely seen by human.

No. 04 – Fang Tooth Fish

Similar with the blob fish, it lives deep sea with 2 protruding teeth like the vampire. I wonder if this fish sucks blood of its prey. They are among the deepest fish in this world, as deep as 5000 meters.

No. 03 – Angler Fish

The only type of fish that actually fishes for its prey. It has a torchlight on top of his head that attract other fishes close for an attack. The fish is consumed all around the world and fetches a good price.

No. 02 Frilled Shark

Part of the shark family, it has a very long body like a snake and was reported to roll up the body and attack like a snake. It’s needle like teeth will give a lot death pleasure to its prey and ranked as the 2nd on our list.

No. 01 Coelacanth

The ancient fish that is now extinct but one was caught at 1974 at Comoro Island. Supposed to be a link between a walking fish and some stage of fish in prehistoric time. Relicanth a pokemon species is a copy of this ugliest fish in our list.

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    Brilliant. Thanks :) , this has gave me something to think about.

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